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Sunderland Decking Co is a locally owned company located in Sunderland, UK. We provide top-quality decking services, and we specialise in timber and composite decking. Our team is endowed with highly qualified and experienced deck builders, carpenters, and deck contractors. Over the years, we have constructed various decks for different clients in Sunderland and other environs. We take pride in high-quality customer relationships and professional craft.

Due to their low maintenance, composites are among the most popular flooring materials in the Sunderland area. At Sunderland Decking Co, we are adept at decking installation and property maintenance for commercial and residential homeowners across the UK. We prioritise providing satisfactory services, and we ensure that we supply and install high-quality composites for you. A composite deck looks like timber but doesn’t need regular maintenance. Composite decks don’t rot even if exposed to sun or water.  Before choosing a composite deck for your outdoor space, we will advise you on the right option based on your styles.

Pros and Cons of Composite Decking


  • Low maintenance

Composites require low maintenance, meaning that you don’t have to clean them regularly, and you only need soap and water to clean them.

  • Long-lasting

As opposed to natural timber, composite wood is durable, and it rarely bends.

  • Resistant to stains

Due to their porous nature, composites resist the development of stains and biological growths on their surfaces.

  • Faster installation

Composite wood comes in the right designs, making their installation easy.


  • Higher Installation Cost

Composite products are expensive, and they cost between 60% -100% more than the standard timber.

  • Permanent colour

Composite products are permanently coloured to prevent or minimise maintenance. This implies that you can’t change the colour or shade.

  • Fading

Due to prolonged exposure to natural elements like UV rays and weathering, composite decks fade over time and lose their original colours.

  • Prone to damages

Composite decks are subjected to severe scratches that are difficult to repair unless changing individual deck boards.

Whether you want composite decking for residential or commercial needs, we have the skills and experience to provide top-quality services that exceed your expectations. All our deck experts are licensed and insured to work within Sunderland and its environs. We adhere to local and national building codes, and we ensure that our services are within the prescribed standards.

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