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Welcome to Sunderland Decking Co!

Sunderland Decking Co is one of the leading decking builders based in the NE of England. We offer specialised services in timber and composite decking, and have established a strong brand through professional workmanship and efficient service delivery. All our employees are qualified in their areas of operation, and they are committed to offering top-quality services to clients in both residential and commercial homeownership.

Why Choose Us?

We take pride in the work we carry out, therefore our number one plan is to ensure all customers get what they pay for.

  • Expert services in decking installation including landscaping, paving, garden deck installation, extensions, and patio decks
  • Combining reliable service and cost-effective materials and services for all clients
  • We use pressure treated timber/tantalised to withstand the harsh English winter
  • Innovative, durable and eco-friendly composite decking
  • Warranty lasting up to 25 years
  • Wide range of colours and deck designs

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Cannot recommend the guys at Sunderland Decking Co enough. Our new composite wood deck is beautiful and is a great extension of our home for dining outside. They gave us a warranty too and helped us with maintenance advice so we are very happy!
Colin K. Seaham

Timber Decking 

Timber decking is an essential part of your outdoor space, and it is a venue where you can relax with your family and visitors. Depending on your budgets and styles, we can design and install hardwood and softwood decks for your small and large scale projects. Although timber decking is natural, it can crack and fade if not properly maintained. Our deck builders can design and construct floors that are tailored to your needs. We have a variety of timbers, such as merbau timber and spotted gum, and you can make your choice based on your preference.
You can build a timber decking from different types of woods, such as cedar or redwood. If you think of giving your deck a unique appearance, you can choose an appropriate finishing option. With our vast experience, we can help you select the right wood and finishing options for your decks. We install all sorts of timber, such as softwood, hardwood, and composites.
Wooden decking is an affordable floor option for your home. However, the cost of wooden decking varies from timber to timber. Our deck builders are conversant with the cost of different woods. Although decking installation is one way of enhancing your home’s curb appeal, sometimes, it is challenging to build a deck from scratch to finish.
Hardwood is one of the most popular decking materials, and some of its commonly used species include blackbut, spotted gum, and merbau. Almost all types of hardwood are long-lasting, and their longevity is 25-30 years. Treated pine decking is one of the best materials used in decking, and it can last up to thirty years. However, its lifespan depends on whether it touches the ground, type of treatment, and poles’ thickness. At Sunderland Decking Co, we are adept at constructing deck from hardwoods and softwoods.
Due to their natural look, timber decks are attractive, hence suitable for your outdoor floor. A timber deck can also be stained in various colours and finished with different styles. Our deck specialists are adept at painting and staining decks to yield seamless results. Wooden decking is the most affordable decking option as compared to concrete and composite decking. However, the cost of wooden decks varies across timbers. For example, pressure-treated woods are the cheapest in terms of material cost. Low labour costs characterises timber decks because they are easy to cut and shape. At Sunderland Decking Co, we offer cost-effective services that are tailored to fit your styles and budgets.

Great service from the start. We enquired to get a new timber deck installed over our old paving, and we had a quote within 2 days and booked in the following week. Pricing was competitive and they were very professional and transparent throughout.
William P. Sunderland

Composite Decking

Composite decking is one of the most popular flooring materials in Sunderland, UK. At Sunderland Decking Co, we are conversant with decking design and decking construction, and we guarantee to provide services that exceed your expectations. Composites resemble natural wood and don’t require maintenance. The composites don’t rot even if they are subjected to water or dampness. Before choosing a composite deck for your outdoor space, we will advise you on the right option based on your styles.
Composite decking is made from recycled materials, such as wood and plastics. Based on the composition of their materials, composites are eco-friendly and resistant to rots. Our deck builder can supply and construct decks that are within your budgets and styles.
Composite decking is a bit expensive, and it costs between 50% – 100% above the regular timber. We procure cost-effective composites from suppliers and construct affordable decks for you. Whether you have a small or large scale project, you can contact us today for a free quote. We are experts in decking design and decking construction.
Because of their prolonged exposure to weather elements, composite decks fade over time and lose their original colours. Composites floors are prone to severe scratches that are difficult to repair. Our deck contractor will help you replace your composite deck if you feel worn-out beyond repair.

Composite Decking Materials

  • Ekodeck

Ekodeck products look natural timber, but they are more durable and more comfortable to maintain. Ekodeck products exist in various colours and sizes. For instance, the regular size for Ekodeck is 88x23mm and 137x23mm.

  • Futurewood

Futurewood products are made from recycled plastics, rice husks, and timber. Contrary to natural wood, futurewood floors are easy to install, and they require little maintenance.

  • Modwood decking

Modwood products are versatile, and they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. The versatility of this product allows you to select an option that fits your needs. At Sunderland Decking Co, our contractors are conversant with modwood materials, and they can utilize them to construct patios, verandah, and pool decks. Also, modwoods are made from recycled plastics and sawdust, and they are available in either 137x23mm or 88x23mm.
Whether you want composite decking for small scale or large scale projects, we have got you covered. Our skills and experience are adequate, and we are committed to providing top-quality services that can exceed your expectation. All our deck experts are licensed and insured to work within Sunderland and its environs. We comply with local and national building codes, and we ensure that our services are within the prescribed standards. Call us today for free consultation and quote.

We booked Sunderland Decking Co to help us replace our old decking in our back garden as it was suffering from rot and was deteriorated.
They walked us through all available options and were very helpful in the planning and design of the decking and stairs that were getting built. 
We would recommend these guys 100%!
Brenda M. Sunderland

Decking FAQ

How do you remove stains and discolouration from a timber deck?

Discolouration is usually caused by mold, and it usually occurs in composite decks. A deck is prone to discolouration if it stays in shaded areas or wet throughout the day. A black spot on a wooden deck can be removed by using a mild cleanser. On a composite deck, use a soft bristle brush, soap, and warm water to clean off any mold.

How do you prevent slippery decking?

Mold can make your deck more slippery. After the removal of mildew, apply a water-repellent stain and allow it to dry for at least two days. If your deck is continuously prone to slippery areas, you may apply an anti-slip decking product.

How Much Does Decking Cost?

An average decking project can cost anywhere from £1,000-2,000 and normally takes 2-3 days to finish. This is dependant on the materials and size of the area being constructed. The most popular types of decking are either pre-treated softwood or the higher priced option of hardwood  . For softwood, an area of around 15m2 would would be approx £1,000 whereas the hardwood deck could be around £2,000 for the same size deck.


How do you fix warped decking?

Warping is a popular wooden problem that occurs if the deck is not weather-treated appropriately. If you come across a warped board, remove it from the deck and replace it with a new plank of wood.

How do you fix deck scratches?

Composite decks are susceptible to scratches, especially from a moving outdoor object. If you have a noticeable scratch, use a soldering iron to even the scratch out and let it blend with other parts of the deck. However, if you notice a considerable scratch, you may replace the entire board.

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