Timber Decking

Sunderland Decking Co is one of the top decking companies based in Sunderland, UK. We specialize in designing and installing timber and composite decking for both residential and commercial homeowners. Over the years, we have built superb and attractive decks for many clients across the UK. Our team comprises highly qualified deck builders, carpenters, and deck contractors committed to delivering top-notch services to our clients. We pride ourselves on offering workmanship and high-quality customer services.

Timber decking is a critical extension of your home space, and it is usually used in the kitchen, entertainment areas, and outdoors. With our vast experience in timber decking, we assess your home environment and install timber decks that blend with your home and fits your budgets. To deliver a seamless deck, we will work alongside you, from the beginning to the end, until we satisfactorily complete your project.
As extensions of living space, floors create ample space where you can entertain yourself freely. At Sunderland Decking Co, we prioritize your happiness, and we will always consult you to determine the nature of the timber deck within your preferences. Timber decks are versatile in terms of colour, shape, and size; hence you have many options to choose from. We are a one-stop-shop for all decks, and you will get all products and services affordably.

Pros and Cons of Timber Decking
Here are the pros and cons of timber decking.

  • Natural look

Timber decking is attractive due to its natural look. A wooden deck can also be stained in different colors and finished with a variety of styles.

  • Cost-effective

A timber deck is the most affordable option as opposed to concrete and composite floors. The cost of a wooden deck varies across timbers. For instance, pressure-treated wood has the lowest material cost.

  • Low labour costs

Labor cost is low when dealing with timbers because it is easy to work with them as they can be cut and shaped quickly.

  • Less prone to warping

Some timber decks, such as redwood and cedar are less prone to warping than other alternatives.


  • Lowest life expectancy

Some timber options, especially the cheaper ones, have the lowest life expectancy, and they are prone to cracking.

  • High maintenance

Wooden decking requires annual painting and staining, which makes the decking expensive.

  • Hardwood option is expensive

The most durable hardwood option can be expensive in terms of material and labour.

Or if composite decking is more your thing, then we can certainly help with that as well!

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