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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should composite decking last?
Typically, when you buy composite for garden decking, it comes with a guarantee of between 10 to 25 years.

Does composite decking require maintenance?
Composite decking has minimal maintenance needed. At least twice a year, give your composite deck a thorough wash using brush and mild soap. Otherwise, remove debris like dirt and leaves regularly. Avoid pressure washers when cleaning your composite deck.

Is it necessary to paint or stain composite decking?
Decking installers don’t recommend staining or painting composite decking. These materials are already impregnated with a dye.

What are the requirements to build composite decking in my garden?
With standard woodworking tools, you can construct your composite decking well because these material cut just like wood.  A decking builder or carpenter can help you do the job. With a circular saw, nails and screws, you are able to get started. We recommend working with a professional in order to give you a quality and safe finish.

What is the appropriate size for composite decking?
Perpendicular applications require 12 to 16 inches between joists. When you install at a 45-degree angle, 12 inches on centre gives the best result.

Does composite decking expand and contract?
A change in temperature causes expansion and contraction in composite material. The exact amount of changes depends on the temperature of your locality and the temperature during installation. Typically, leave 3/16-inch – 1/4-inch gaps between boards. This allows for contraction, expansion and a natural flow of water

What is composite decking made up of?
Though composite deck board look like real timber, it’s manufactured from a combination of wood and plastic fibres. These materials are recycled and free of chemical preservatives.

What are the available choices of colours and styles?
You can choose natural-looking (walnut and teak), silver or stained looks. Additionally, you can get grooved and smooth boards or reversible options with a realistic wood grain texture on one side and simple brushed texture on the other.

Timber decking FAQ

How do you remove stains and discolouration on timber decking?
Wooden decks are prone to staining especially from mildews. Apply bleach (undiluted) to the spot. If it disappears, cleanse with a mild cleanser and rinse with diluted bleach.

What causes wooden decks to be slippery, and how do you remove?
Moulds and mildews will make your timber very slippery. Remove the mould by using concentrated bleach, and rinsing wit dilute bleach. Apply a water-repellent stain and leave for 2 days to dry out.
For timber decks prone to becoming slippy, use marine-grade anti-slip decking product. These products feature sand to provide extra traction. You can also apply self-adhesive strips – those with a coarse grit surface. Place them to the front edges of the steps for extra grip.

How do you repair warped deck?
Timber decking not well-treated or those in harsh weather conditions are prone to warping. Once you spot a warped deck (pronounced curvature), remove it using a pry bar. Then replace it with a straight deck, and hammer 2 nails at each crossbeam section.

Can you restore timber decking to it’s original colour?
Just paint or stain it again. However, select paint that prevents water infiltration. In this case, choose oil or paraffin paint. Still, you can opt for paint that features UV blockers if you stay in sunny climates or insect replant stain if there lots of bugs.
Before painting your deck, use stain-blocking oil or alkyd primer. Apply the paint/stain utilising a roller or spray, but ensure that the paint is even.

How do you care for your wood deck?
Wood is prone to rotting pressure-treated, that the one that isn’t pressure-treated. The sad part is that rotting occurs in laces you can quickly see –the underside of stair treads.
Replace all boards that have more than an inch deep of rot. Use pressure-treated and rot-resistant boards.

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